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Ms. Beatrice Grenier

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Ms. Beatrice Grenier works with FAO on various pesticide management issues. She is involved in normative activities related to the FAO/WHO International Code on Conduct on Pesticide Management and in field projects in particular in West Africa. She has been involved in the area of pesticides and chemicals at the international level for many years, also working at OECD and participating in IOMC, and has been involved in many aspects of the pesticide life-cycle, such as: registration, residues, compliance and enforcement, biopesticides, obsolete pesticides, soil remediation and container management. She also coordinates the activities, development and trainings of the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit, which is part of the IOMC Toolbox on chemical management. Beatrice holds Master degrees in chemistry and in environmental sciences and a MBA.

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Mr. D'Arcy Quinn

CropLife International

Mr. Quinn began his anti-counterfeiting enforcement for the French food and drinks group Danone, based in Paris.  He eliminated counterfeiting factories in North Africa and Asia and stopped the global illicit trade of Evian mineral water.  Mr. Quinn was Legal Counsel for Merck Sharp & Dohme in the Middle East and Africa, dealing with medicines that were smuggled and counterfeited.  He was a Director of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute consisting of twenty-two pharmaceutical companies, overseeing worldwide investigations into criminal networks selling counterfeit medicines. Mr. Quinn worked for the manufacturer of Marlboro / L&M.   He reduced the Russian rate of counterfeit cigarettes from 17% to less than one percent and oversaw the raids of twenty-two illegal cigarette factories in Central Europe and the ex-Soviet Union. Currently Mr. Quinn advises multinational agrochemical companies, governments and regulators concerned about counterfeit and illegal pesticides, on behalf of CropLife International. Mr. Quinn, based in the EU, is a lawyer and a member of the State Bar of California. 


Ms. Deeppa Ravindran

Pesticides Action Network Asia Pacific (PAN)

Deeppa Ravindran has worked with PAN Asia Pacific for 11 years as Programme Coordinator. Deeppa has given several interventions at various United Nations related meeting and events. She was also a resource person for Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste (REN) project implemented by UN Environment. REN is a project that combatted environmental crime through strengthening the capacity of 25 participating countries in Asia Pacific to control illegal trade in chemicals and waste. She is the current co-ordinator of the Protect Our Children from Pesticides Campaign. A campaign that aims to raise awareness on the impacts of pesticides especially on young children. Deeppa has trained several Community-based Organizations, government officials, consumers and farmers on the dangers of pesticides to human health.


Mr. David Azoulay

Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)

David is a senior attorney with the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), and the director of the environmental health program. Over the last 12 years, David worked with Governments, IGOs, NGOs, communities and other stakeholdershe on increasing the impact of International Environmental Law in the field of chemicals and waste to uphold the human rights to health, life, and to a healthy environment. 


Mr. Jose de Mesa

Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) Secretariat

Jose de Mesa has 15 years of experience in the UN Environment. He started working for the Montreal Protocol in the Latin American and Caribbean Region from 2003 to 2009 (Based in Mexico and Panama). From 2009 he moved to the Head Quarters in Nairobi and was based in Major Group Stakeholders Branch of the Secretary of Governing Bodies. From 2015 he has been based in Geneva at the Chemicals and Health Branch.
Few years back, when Jose still lived in Spain, he worked for a seed company (group Limagrain) and a pesticide company (Intrachem).
Jose de Mesa is an Agricultural Engineer from the “Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros Agronomos de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid”, but he completed his agriculture studies with a full year at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne at the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE).


Mr. Mario Pellegrino


Mario Pellegrino is a Lieutenant Colonel of Italian Carabinieri and since April 2020 has been assigned as Specialist to Europol, Analysis Project EnviCrime, where he supports and coordinates enforcement actions concerning waste and pollution related crimes. His first deployment was to the South of Italy where he spent few years in the fight against organized crime groups. After he worked for a total of three years in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestinian Territories and Tunisia, mainly under the framework of the European External Action Service. Back in Italy, he commanded a Carabinieri Company, where he dealt with major crimes, including the environmental ones. In 2018 he was appointed as responsible of the environmental crime investigation unit in the central region of Italy. It is there where he gained most of the experience in the fight against the illegal trafficking of waste and pollution.

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Ms. Tatiana Terekhova

Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention (BRS)

Tatiana Terekhova has a leading role in the partnership programme, engagement with non-state actors, and illegal traffic and trade of hazardous chemicals waste under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions. Tatiana implements a number of capacity-building activities, including in relation to marine pollution and plastic wastes.  She deals with the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular its indicators and governance issues of the Basel and Stockohlm conventions regional centres. Prior to this function, she was coordinating capacity-building activities for the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Convention, including the E-waste Africa programme. 
She has been in the United Nations family for over 18 years. This includes the UN Environment Programme  where she managed the Quick Start Programme Trust Fund of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM)  and the UN Institute for Training and Research where she provided assistance to developing countries and countries in economy in transition in various areas of sound chemicals and wastes management. Tatiana is a national of the Russian Federation. She has a background in international environmental law and law degrees from Russia and Switzerland.


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Mr. Mark Davis

Independent consultant

Mark is an independent consultant specializing in pesticide management and sustainable agriculture. He worked for 17 years with FAO successively leading the field programme on obsolete pesticides, the Pesticide Management Unit of FAO, FAO’s Climate Change Strategy and the FAO Environmental and Social Risk Management Unit. Under Mark’s leadership while at FAO, the Africa Stockpiles Programme was established, the International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management was comprehensively revised in 2013, the Pesticide Registration Toolkit was developed and the establishment of the DPRM at UCT was supported. Previously Mark has worked with PAN-UK, as a government regulator on agriculture and environment and as a manager of an agricultural commune. Mark currently works with the University of Edinburgh based Centre for Pesticide Suicide Prevention (CPSP) and is collaborating with PAN-UK, FAO, UNEP and WHO on HHP risk reduction initiatives.

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